Cut Above

So today I decided to do something different,well at least here at MikesStogies. I’m doing a cutter video but not just a certain cutter a good overview of most cutters out there and the proper way to use. I know there are tons of blogs that have gone over this but its good to see what I prefer and what I think of certain cutters. Ok well I will state right off that I do not cover all cutter brands and yes majority of mine our Xikar but let’s be honest they make good shit. The list of cutters I show have a range from 2.00-60.00. Well enough of my written let’s get on with the video.

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9 Responses to “Cut Above”

  1. Great Review Mike I love Cigar tool reviews. I have a Palio and I love it but I have been dieing to try one of the Xikar Xi I’m just having a hard time pulling the trigger for the cost. I have heard all good things about the Xi lines and I love that they are guaranteed for life. Maybe a Birthday gift to myself this summer. Hope all is well. Keep up the great work.

  2. I’ve almost exclusively been using cutters with backs lately, and I’m no newbie! Maybe it’s laziness, don’t know, don’t care. I like the ones with a hole in the back plate so you can cut a torp, like the Cuban Crafters Perfect Cut. I agree that newbies should use them to save over-cutting, and I’ve always advised laying a cutter on a flat surface to act as a stop. I like a punch for small ring cigars. My next cutter will be the Xikar V cutter, but that will be the most expensive cutter I’ve ever has by a wide margin as I’ve always had great luck using inexpensive cutters.

  3. Hey Mike, good review, I found it to be very interesting, have a Xikar, love it, not a V cut. Looking forward to the lighter review.

  4. Mike – Never tried the multi-tool scissor but have used all others. I finally ordered the VX V-Cut Gunmetal Cutter by Xikar for myself and am looking forward to using. Definitely go to the Xikar website, register and request a sheath for all your Xikar products. I agree with CigarCraig, the Cuban Crafter Perfect Cut is an excellent and quality cutter; it’s not just for newbies. Thanks.

  5. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review Mike. You know I love my V-cutter from Xikar. Don’t have the scissors so that will be my next cigar tool purchase. Keep up the great work brother. hope to see you soon.

    • Thanks Tad and everyone else who commented. We at Mikesstogies really and truly appreciate all our viewers loyalty to this site. You guys and gals really make it worth doing.

  6. Nice post, Mike. I have a bunch of cutters, but they’re mostly pretty inexpensive ones. The most expensive one is a Colibri Firebird ( I think) with the Diesel logo, and it works pretty well. I’ll have to make my next purchase an Xi1. I like to use the punch for smaller ring gauges and cigars I know will have a loose draw. And I do like the V-cut, even with the cheap one I have. I guess a lot of it depends on my mood. I’ve heard the scissors takes quite a bit of practice, so that would be my last resort. Cool tool, though. Reviews of accessories are always overlooked and underrated, so thanks!

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