PRE LIGHT; Sometimes special lots of tobaccos are too small to produce a full-fledged blend, but the leaves are too good to overlook. This is where Single Batch—a limited production concept comes into play. The Padilla brand is built upon high quality, low volume handmade that utilize rare, very expensive materials. I was only able to find out the following in my research about this brand. The number is simple the factory assigned blend number.17RC is covered with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and has filler tobacco from Nicaragua. The size I tested is the 6×58 or otherwise known as the boutique size. This vitola was well packed and The wrapper is  very nice upon inspection, with no big veins. It is very well applied with a triple cap and a real nice barnyard aroma on the wrapper. cost is around 2:50$ a stick on-line. did see these offered in any of my local B&M.

FRIEST THIRD; Lighting was a bit of work(remember I’m not a big fan of this size) and I used my sheriken cutter on this girthy stick. The draw was perfect and I soon had thick plumes of smoke wafting in the air. A nice dry but pleasant woody aroma emanated from the plumes of smoke. There is a good core tobacco flavor that is accompanied by a little sweetness. The smoke is very smooth through the retrohale with  just a touch of pepper.

SECOND THIRD:No real change to the flavor profile and still keeping a nicely flavored tobacco core. There are  also hints of  wood and the occasional herbal undertone. the draw continues to be perfect and the burn even. Toward the end of this third the notes of pepper slightly increase in strength.

LAS THIRD; The notes of pepper and the core tobacco flavor continued to predominate the last third of this boutique size blend. There was however some floral hints that picked up and made its presence known before I set this down. The construction,draw,and burn continued to be perfect.

THE FINISH. I enjoyed this cigar. I much prefer the 6×50 size toro version but that is my predilection. For the money this cigar is spot on in the medium flavor medium bodie profile and would appeal to a wide range of smokers. The flavors are toothy and present themselves with out over whelming .A damned decent cigar at a damned good price. can’t ask for more than that. NOTE: why do I review a size I dont like? because I’m reviewing for  you the reader. If I reviewed just what I liked this would get boring quick for every one. Besides I am willing to fall on my sword for you…… ;) ALL THE BEST SMOKIN-JOE.

One Response to “PADILLA SMALL BATCH #17RC”

  1. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review. I have seen these around but have not had the opertunity to try them yet. I will pick one up for sure.

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