Origin : Nicaragua

Format : Rothschild

Size : 4 x 60

Wrapper : Nicaragua

Filler : Nicaragua

Binder : Nicaragua

Price Gifted(around 5;50$ a nubber)

THE PRELIGHT;The Oliva NUB Habano is one of several concept cigars from Oliva  that come in a variety of sizes and blends. The Habano that I smoked for this review was the 60 ring gauge by just under 4” long. This cigar is all Nicaraguan tobacco and is claimed(by OLIVA) as a 43 minute smoke.The wrapper had an oily sheen to it,the body firm,and a pleasant barnyard smell emanated. The take on this cigar is that they wanted to replicate “the sweet spot” of the cigar experience and use only that.We’ll see if they hit the mark or not. I would like to thank Mike staibler of Oliva cigars for gifting me the two I smoked for this review. P.S. He is one TALL bastard………;)

THE WHOLE SHEBANG; The girthy stick ignited with only a little work. I used a punch to open up the head and this worked well for this size cigar. almost immediately I was greeted with a  burst of pepper and spice that while generous was not overwhelming. The burn was even and the draw was moderate and produced plumes of smoke. This spice and pepper flavor settled down about a half-inch into this stick and was replaced with a dry and woody presence,small floral hints would surface from time to time. towards the end of smoking this girthy big toe the notes of pepper and spice returned for a nice clean finish. smoke time 35 min.

THE FINISH; If you’re looking for a good smoke that is a little off the beaten path; then venture this way. Its a neat concept that is,for the most part, achieved by Oliva. I just flat-out liked the idea and would smoke others in this line. I would like to thank Mike and Oliva for gifting me these smokes. I had not had one of these,although they were on my radar. just as an aside the majority of smokes tested are purchased by myself and when gifted I note this and give credit where it is due. How ever pigs don’t fly so I call it like it is. ALL THE BEST-SMOKINJOE

5 Responses to “THE OLIVA NUB HABANO”

  1. For some reason I always overlook these on the shelf when looking for a smoke at the B&M. I do remember liking the Maduro, The Studio Tobac Maduro Nub Dub has caught my eye though. Thanks for the review of the Habano Joe.

  2. I like the Studio Tobac sampler I got a while back from Dave, and I’m a fan of the Nub line although I don’t seem to have enough in my Humi, I think the Price is a bit much for a cigar that size but I always seem to enjoy them. Looks like I need to brush up on my Nubs.

    • smokinjoe65 Says:

      The price point is the only criticism I have consistanrly hear from cigar enthusuasta. Given the many choices available.

  3. abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review. I have to say I have not tried all of the nub’s. I have, however, smoked a half dozen of these. Straight up, I just do not like these cigars. I keep smoking them because they were gifted to me and like you I really like the idea of this stick and I keep wanting so badly to enjoy this stick. I think it is just the fact that I do not enjoy this habano blend, not that I do not enjoy the brand. I would like to get my hands on a maduro! Just my 2 cents. Keep up the good work!

    • smokinjoe65 Says:

      Absolutely! We all have different tastes. I told mile that I has not tried one beforehand . They are a blend that is imo. A nitch cigar. I like the smoke time. I would definitely look this size in colder weather as I smoke in my gorage.

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