Ave Maria Reconquista

Today thanks to my buddy Daryl I am reviewing the A.J.Fernandez Ave Maria Reconquista. This cigar has a Brazilian Habano Oscuro wrapper and a cuban seed Nicaraguan tobacco. It’s a 7×54 Torpedo that comes in a very elegant coffin. Price point is between 20.00 and 22.00 a stick. So lets see what I think of this Ave Maria Reconquista.

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9 Responses to “Ave Maria Reconquista”

  1. Great Review Mike I was hoping I would see a review of this stick one day. I really like the AJ stuff but I just can’t justify shelling out the dough for a stick like that. Plus I always seem to shy away from coffin packed cigars cause I never smoke them I still have a Camacho Liberty 2009 in my humi I haven’t even opened yet. Love the Fresh Doo!!! As always first thing Friday with coffee. Enjoy the weekend

  2. abraxas828282 Says:

    Hey Mike. Loved the review. I am a huge AJ fan and have been dyeing to try this stick. Daryl did you a solid! I think a lot of this price, unfortunately goes into the packaging. That being said, it might be worth the money as a specialty cigar for special occasions and at a smoking time of over two hours, thats less than $10 an hour! I’m sure both of us have smoked 1 hour cigars over $10 that might not be as enjoyable. Aside from the crack issue, it sounds like an enjoyable stick. As always I very much appreciate all of the work that Mikes stogies does every week!

    • Tad agree with long smoke and price point but still I can get two epernays for that price and to me are much better. Like I said enjoyable but over priced.

  3. I enjoyed the review. I am surprised it cracked. I wonder if taking the band off compromised the wrapper some. You said you couldn’t slide the band so maybe it was glued to the wrapper. The cigar had been in my humidor for about 1 month so I got to believe it was a construction issue vs a humidity issue. I still want to try this stick but 2+ hours! I do smoke faster though so it might be quicker for me. I’ll order a few more and we can give it a try together next time. Thanks for taking the time out to review it.

  4. That’s a lot of scratch for that cigar but the band is pretty kick ass. Thanks for the review. When do we get to see the walk in humidor?

    • Bigmike humidor taking longer buddy but hang in there will be worth it. FYI u should be receiving that package by Thursday.

  5. Always appreciate the honest reviews, Mike. Like you, I would rather have two solid $10 sticks, since I have to make my cash stretch a little farther.

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