A Word from Hogman.

Well as most of you know today you would have come to MikesStogies to read a review from Joe but instead you are reading a post from me lol. I am posting today to let you all know of some changes that we are making here because of family and other commitments that I must attend too. Starting today Joe will be taking over my regular schedule friday spot and I will be posting my video reviews every other Wednesday that Youngbuck doesn’t post his. So basically we are still posting every week but I’m just cutting back to twice a month. I do appreciate everyone understanding but in real life my family comes first before everything. We here at MikesStogies  really do appreciate all your support and do our best to be one of the most consistent sites out there. I hope to see you all soon and remember Enjoy your Smokes.

6 Responses to “A Word from Hogman.”

  1. Hope all is well. You guys have the most consistent site from what I’ve seen and we all know it takes time to build and keep a site up date. Family comes first and look forward to reading/viewing all the reviews. At least not as much Red Sox BS, lol.

    • Bigmike we appreciate being one of the most consistent sites out there And thank all of you for supporting us. All will be good including my soxs lol.

  2. Wait whats this Crap??? You didn’t clear it with us… haha No worries my man Family is the only thing that really matters in the world, you do you we will always be here. Hope all is well.

    • Corey u r to funny buddy. Thanks man and that’s very true family first. It means a lot to hear positive comments from our viewers. You all rock.

  3. Hi Mike, just had a chance to get to this computer and have read about only doing twice a month, you have to do what you have to do. I’m sure that all of us will be ”reading” every other Wed.

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