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Posted in Cigar Reviews on April 22, 2012 by smokinjoe65

Size:5 x 54

Wrapper Origin:Nicaraguan

Wrapper Leaf Type; Honduran Corojo

Price per stick; around 3;00$

PRE LIGHT; the test sample i chose had a crack running from the tip of the head to just about where the shoulder is. I had smoked 4 of these before and none had any flaws. however I decided that if I were in the store and picked  this out to buy without noticing, then I should test this anyway.the body is firm and has a slight box press to it.(something I like)the wrapper has a coffee color that is described as carojo natural and was virtually vein free.I had a great day to smoke this on my front porch with 78 + temps and sunny.

THE WHOLE SHEBANG; The short torp. ignited with ease and the initial draw was flowing with easy plumes of smoke being generated. The crack had no ramifications whatsoever as most of it was clipped off(and not intentionally either !). I was greeted with strong notes of delicious coffee and ceder that had me jonesing for a nice double espresso. this pleasure lasted for just over an inch and was replaced with equally strong notes of pepper and rich spice.The bodie was medium through out the smoke and the flavor was always full and full on embracing my pallet.The ash was dark and banded and clinged to this Honduran classic like a shipwrecked sailor to his life vest! I have not had an ash cling so strongly and for so long for quite a while. It finally gave up the ghost and sank to the deck of my porch just shy of the band. I nubbed this one as if embracing a lost lover. WOW.

THE FINISH; well I think by now you all know how much I liked this blend. Its going into regular rotation. The construction,baring the cracked one,on all the ones ive smoked has been flawless. Much kudos to the rocky Patel teams who roll these. It’s a damned good smoke and one I can recommend that you try. There are some very good things coming out of Honduras these days on quality tobacco’s. rocky has a lot to be proud of on this one.

NOTE TO READERS; I will be attending cigarfest on friday.I will be in split rock most of the week. If you’re attending and you see me (ill be wearing a dorky neck thingy with  SMOKIN’ JOE on it). please do not hesitate to stop and say hi. I mean it. I am always appreciative of every one who takes the time out to read the reviews on this site(all of us are) and also to those of you who reply. I would very much like to say hi and thank you in person. ALL THE BEST. SMOKIN’ JOE

Ave Maria Reconquista

Posted in Video Reviews on April 20, 2012 by MIKE

Today thanks to my buddy Daryl I am reviewing the A.J.Fernandez Ave Maria Reconquista. This cigar has a Brazilian Habano Oscuro wrapper and a cuban seed Nicaraguan tobacco. It’s a 7×54 Torpedo that comes in a very elegant coffin. Price point is between 20.00 and 22.00 a stick. So lets see what I think of this Ave Maria Reconquista.

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Thunder by Nimish

Posted in Cigar Reviews on April 16, 2012 by Griff

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano

Binder: Nicaragua, Honduras

Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica

Size: Short Robusto (4.5×54)

Pre Light

The Thunder by Nimish has a dark rich chocolate wrapper with an oily sheen to it. The cigar is topped off with a pigtailed triple cap. The wrapper is almost seamless and has a sweet manure aroma to it. The double bands take up a lot of room on the face of the cigar. After clipping off the cap I take a few drags off the cold cigar to get tastes of earthiness and sweetness.

1st Third

After the initial pepper from the first few puffs it dies down to make way for a sweet coffee flavor. The burn has been even and sharp so far but the cigar seems to be burning a little hot.  Towards the end of the 1st third I started to pick up flavors of nuts.

2nd Third

Here at the middle portion of the Thunder the cigar is starting to really burn hot and needed to a couple relights. The flavors of sweet coffee and nuts are still lingering around with notes of cocoa introducing itself around the halfway point.

Final Third

Well the final third of this cigar wasn’t even smoked cause as you can tell from the picture the cigar blew up and had an enormous void in the center of it. I’m guessing the reason for the cigar burning so hot was because of it.


Until the final third I really enjoyed the flavors of this cigar. I just seem to be having the worst luck with my reviews lately I can’t seem to find a cigar that will smoke through. The price point wasn’t bad on these so I’m gonna have to grab a few more to give them another try.

Keep em burnin’



Posted in Cigar Reviews on April 15, 2012 by smokinjoe65

Origin : Nicaragua

Format : Rothschild

Size : 4 x 60

Wrapper : Nicaragua

Filler : Nicaragua

Binder : Nicaragua

Price Gifted(around 5;50$ a nubber)

THE PRELIGHT;The Oliva NUB Habano is one of several concept cigars from Oliva  that come in a variety of sizes and blends. The Habano that I smoked for this review was the 60 ring gauge by just under 4” long. This cigar is all Nicaraguan tobacco and is claimed(by OLIVA) as a 43 minute smoke.The wrapper had an oily sheen to it,the body firm,and a pleasant barnyard smell emanated. The take on this cigar is that they wanted to replicate “the sweet spot” of the cigar experience and use only that.We’ll see if they hit the mark or not. I would like to thank Mike staibler of Oliva cigars for gifting me the two I smoked for this review. P.S. He is one TALL bastard………;)

THE WHOLE SHEBANG; The girthy stick ignited with only a little work. I used a punch to open up the head and this worked well for this size cigar. almost immediately I was greeted with a  burst of pepper and spice that while generous was not overwhelming. The burn was even and the draw was moderate and produced plumes of smoke. This spice and pepper flavor settled down about a half-inch into this stick and was replaced with a dry and woody presence,small floral hints would surface from time to time. towards the end of smoking this girthy big toe the notes of pepper and spice returned for a nice clean finish. smoke time 35 min.

THE FINISH; If you’re looking for a good smoke that is a little off the beaten path; then venture this way. Its a neat concept that is,for the most part, achieved by Oliva. I just flat-out liked the idea and would smoke others in this line. I would like to thank Mike and Oliva for gifting me these smokes. I had not had one of these,although they were on my radar. just as an aside the majority of smokes tested are purchased by myself and when gifted I note this and give credit where it is due. How ever pigs don’t fly so I call it like it is. ALL THE BEST-SMOKINJOE

El Tiante Habano Rosado

Posted in Video Reviews on April 13, 2012 by MIKE

Today I bring you a cigar from the great guys over at El Tiante Cigars. It’s the Habano Rosado in the 6×52. This cigar has a Ecudorian Habano Rosado wrapper with  Nicaraguan filler and binder. It’s a medium to full body smoke with lots of flavors and is my favorite of their smokes. This cigar are created along with the great Don Pepin. So without any further bull let’s get the show on the road.

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