Hammer & Sickle Berlin Wall

Well here we are on my new spot every other Wednesday and it feels pretty weird lol. Today for you I am doing the Hammer & Sickle Berlin Wall by Victor Vitale of The Cigar Agency. This cigar is a really good mild to medium smoke that for me isn’t my cup of tea, as I prefer the full body smokes. I will say that if you are a mild to medium body smoker, you need to give this a try. So without giving away the review let’s get this show on the road. Oh fyi the audio may suck as my batteries died once again.

mobile device user’s click here:http://blip.tv/file/get/Mikesstogies-HammerSickleBerlinWall282.m4v

2 Responses to “Hammer & Sickle Berlin Wall”

  1. Hey buddy great to see the reviews still pumping out of Mikes Stogies. You sent me the Hammer and Sickle Moscow city a while ago and I smoked it last week. It was ehhh. nothing special nothing bad. I would still like to try the other lines to see how they compare. Great work Gordo

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