price:6:95 a single

origin: nicaragua/ filler: ?

PRE-LIGHT; This is from the bonita smoke shop website concerning their house blend. We chose a rare certified vintage tobacco which lends a medium/to full medium rich flavor. Next is a well aged flavorful Nicaraguan binder. Under that is a three-leaf entubado style construction of the best tobaccos the world has to offer. I would like to thank jackie and Bonita smoke shop for gifting me the samples used in this review. their website.http://www.bonitasmokeshop.com/bonita.htm this hefty vitola came wrapped in a rustic leathery wrapper.The body was firm and the entubar style of rolling was evident at the foot. The cigar clipped easily and crisply.

FIRST THIRD; this stick ignited well and I was greeted with a dense smoke and an easy draw. As this smoke warmed up I began experience flavors of leather with hints of pepper and notes of anise. the bodie was a nice medium on the palate and the flavors were strong but not full.

SECOND THIRD: The strength of the bodie and flavor remained unchanged as I moved into the second third. With this I began to pick up a switch from pepper to spice and a strong floral note began to take shape. I had to touch this cigar up at this pont but other than that construction was spot on.

LAST THIRD: the flavors I found developing in the second third continued on into the last third of this smoke. however just before the end a sweet tobacco taste developed before I put this down. I enjoyed this smoke.

THE FINISH: I have reviewed some house blends in the past. I always like to see if their is a special something that my only be found at a particular shop. Bonita has on two occasions(including this one) shown that a really good smoke can be hand an affordable price. So will I “do the time warp again”? Even eddie could’nt stop me. ;) ALLTHE BEST-SMOKINJOE

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