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Size:6 x 60

Country of Origin:Honduras

Wrapper Leaf Type:Habano

PRELIGHT: This boutique blend from Romeo y Julieta is a departure from their regular lines.All the sizes in this blend are large ring gauge vitolas and full flavor/full bodie. I contacted Altadis as they have absolutely no information on their site.Given that this is a new roll out and “big” for them its surprising…well maybe not. I visited several on-line cigar sellers to se what I could glean from them for this review.The wrapper is a vein free, smooth and  creamy/ tan in color. It appeared well packed and firm.

FIRST THIRD: I decided to use a punch on this girthy stick and the triple cap was evident. Ignition was easy and the draw was smooth and crisp. I was greeted with a smoked almond flavor that was dominated by strong notes of red pepper.This is not your typical Romeo y Julieta cigar!

SECOND THIRD: I began to notice that the ash was thick grey/white with bands of black. The burn was slightly wobbly but self correcting.The The smoked almond flavor was still evident.the red pepper had settled slightly but was still prickling my tongue. I was pleasantly being surprised by this smoke. Towards the end of this third  I needed to touch up this smoke with my torch.The draw remained smooth and the smoke voluminous.

LAST THIRD:The flavor profile remained the same throughout the last third with the red pepper ramping up a bit. the bodie through out remained a medium.the flavor was definitely into the full range but just so. I needed to touch up this stick one more time during my finish and the burn was even for the most part.

THE FINISH: Over all this was a “dry smoke” for me. Something I expierance from time to time with cigars. Any one who has read my reviews knows I’m not a big fan of this size,but I have to say I really enjoyed this take on it from Romeo y Julieta. It’s worth taking it for a spin and kicking the tires. They did a nice job on this. ALL THE BEST-SMOKINJOE


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