Tarazona 305

Wrapper: Costa Rican

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Size: Torpedo 6 ½ x 50

Pre Light

I received a couple of these cigars from Chris Bradley over on twitter a while back and just finally got around to smoking them. The wrapper is an oily dark shade of brown with no protruding veins. The aroma off the cold wrapper is sweet with a slight pepper to it. After slicing off the triple cap the draw is open and has the same sweet pepper taste on my palette as a take a few drags.

1st Third

After the initial pepper up front I start to pick up sweet cocoa notes. The ash holds on for quite a long time and had to be knocked off on the side of the ash tray. The burn is even and cool. The only notes I really picked up in the first couple inches were the cocoa and pepper but we’ll see what happens as we progress through it.

2nd Third

The flavors here in the middle portion really started to pick up. I still had that cocoa and lingering pepper but I was also introduced to some nut and earthy flavors to go along with it. Construction has been great with no issues so far.

Final Third

The last couple inches of the cigar kept the same flavor profile except once in a while I would pick up notes of either fruit or flowers I couldn’t really put my finger on it.


I was overall pleased with these cigars. I’ve never heard of them till they arrived on my doorstep and I would once again like to thank Chris for sending them my way. Flavors and construction were stellar and would definitely smoke some more of these.

Keep em burnin’


2 Responses to “Tarazona 305”

  1. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Thanx for the review Griff! I have not heard of these sticks before. I will keep an eye out for them!

  2. Great Review Rob. Never seen nor heard of them, they sound like a nice little fine. Enjoy the weather we are having buddy.

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