19 years

If you are looking for a cigar review this week this is not the place to go . This week I just want to recognize all of my followers and say thank you with out all of you I wouldn’t still be here and I wouldn’t love what I do, so thank you. On another note, I have to say that today is my last day of high school and saturday I will finally be walking and getting my diploma. After 18 almost 19 years of hard work and long hours I finally will have done it ( pat myself on my back ). So with that news I just figured I would share it with all of you and hope you all have a blessed two weeks btw no school means I have time for videos :)

2 Responses to “19 years”

  1. Wow congrats you baby!!! haha This year is my 15 year class reunion. Seriously man enjoy it and try to remember everything it does go by quick. Smoke something good today man and soak it all in

  2. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Congratulations Mike! I wish you all the best and hope you have a great graduation party! Can’t wait to see new video’s!

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