American Eagle

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Conn, Conn Broadleaf Maduro, CA Candela

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Size: 5 x 50

Pre Light

First and foremost I want to wish a happy Memorial Day to everyone. I’ve been saving this cigar to smoke for an appropriate holiday as corny as that sounds. The American Eagle cigar smells of a sweet hay or barnyard aroma. With the 3 different wrappers it is a pretty sweet looking stick but let’s hope it’s not just a gimmick. After snipping the cap the draw is free and tastes of sweet pepper.

1st Third

After a slight pepper kick which quickly dies off I start to pick flavors of sweet cream and wood. The burn has stayed relatively even and cool. There is a lot of smoke coming off of every draw.

2nd Third

The creaminess and wood flavors continue here in the middle portion with nuts and an earthiness. I’m pretty surprised at the even burn of this cigar considering the patch work of wrapper leaf. The flavors keep changing on every puff.

Final Third

That flavors here in the final third changed quite a bit and the pepper kicked back up in the final inches. Burn continued to stay even and burn cool throughout the entire length of the stick.


I originally thought that cigar was going to be a gimmick but it turned out to be very enjoyable. The flavors were rich and plentiful. The construction was great considering the variant wrapper. Plus I wouldn’t mind picking up some more of these because a portion of the proceeds go to the Semper Fi Fund.

Keep em burnin’


2 Responses to “American Eagle”

  1. These are a really nice smoke, and they were blended by Hendrick Kelner, so they better be good, right? I thought it would be a gimmick at first too. You could, technically, peel off all the candela, maduro, shade camo pattterns and have a Habano wrapped cigar, but I agree that you can taste all of the various wrapper bits throughout the smoke. I was considering smoking one today, especially if I go out in public so I can use my “cigar?, what cigar? I don’t see a cigar” schtick… (because it’s camo…you can’t see it…) Seriously, delicous cigar, pricey, but proceeds go to a good cause. Nice review.

  2. Great review Griff. I have seen this stick before and I thought like you it would be a gimmick but I’m glad it turned out well, Great cause, hope you had a good holiday buddy.

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