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Don Lino Africa

Posted in Cigar Reviews on July 30, 2012 by Griff

Wrapper: Nicaragua

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Cameroon, Mexico, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic

Size: Punda Milia (6.5×44)

Pre Light

The Africa has a very rustic and toothy wrapper with a slight oily sheen to it.  There aren’t many protruding veins and there are a few blemishes on the wrapper but they were most likely caused by transit issues.  After snipping the cap the draw is great and has a sweet flavor off the couple of pulls I took.  The cold wrapper has a manure scent to it with a slight pepper.

1st Third

The cigar starts off with a slight pepper but quickly gives way to a sweet coffee and toasty wood flavors.  The burn is cool and slow burning with a slightly gray ash.

2nd Third

I start to pick up a third flavor here at the half way through the cigar.  There is a rich cocoa flavor that is blending well with the coffee and wood flavors picked up in the 1st third. The burn is still pretty straight and hasn’t needed any relights or touch ups.

Final Third

As I wrap up this week’s cigar I picked the same flavors in the final third but the cocoa flavor I noticed in the middle portion became more prominent in the end.  Didn’t need any relights all the way down to the end of cigar.


This cigar was very enjoyable all the way down to the end.  The flavors blended well together and construction was well done which seem small but in my opinion it makes for a more enjoyable experience.  But the real kicker is the price of these smokes. CI currently has a box of 25 for this size at around $50. Well that’s just my opinion get out there and give em a try.

Keep em burnin’


Torcido Cigars Lancero

Posted in Cigar Reviews on July 27, 2012 by theladyofthestick

This weeks review, the Torcido lancero, was a gift  from one of the three shops that exclusively carry this line, Burns Tobacconist in Chattanooga, TN. Torcido is the first line to come from new company Twisted Cigars, founded by Christian and Jessica Hutson of Just For Him, Springfield, MO. The website states it is a Dominican Puro created at the Matasa Factory.  It also comes in robusto and corona sizes. There is little other information on the cigar. Why? Christian and Jessica wants the consumers to experience it for themselves without influencing our palates, I assume. I love it.

So let’s get to it.

The wrapper is a velvety, chocolate brown. There are  a few small veins, but no cracks or tearing of the wrapper. The cap is finished with a pigtail and the foot of the cigar has some extra tobacco folded over, giving it a rough look, which I think is very fitting. There is an earthy, rich aroma coming from the wrapper that also has hints of cocoa and a pleasant sweetness. The cold draw is also earthy with hints of cocoa.

The first thing that hits my palate is spice followed by a progression of earth, hay and cocoa. AS the first portion of this cigar continues, the spice and cocoa start to linger throughout the draw. The spice leaves a tingling sensation in the entire mouth. After about an inch, the cocoa and spice intensify and the wood and hay move to the back of the palate giving each draw a sweeter finish. The smoke is very dense and spicy.

The middle third of the cigar adds notes of leather to the palate with wood and coffee. Cocoa is noticeable mid draw and spice returns to the finish. Halfway through the cigar, spice covers the entire mouth again and lingers. the after taste at this point is of coffee and leather. Those notes move to the front of the draw again, followed by cocoa and a spicy finish to end the second third.

The spice really balances out for the finale of this stick and coffee becomes the main note with a wonderful, leather and earthy mix. The spice is still there but it is very subtle on the back of the palate. All in all, the Torcido Lancero is a great medium to full bodied smoke. There were some wonderful tasting notes that washed over my palate in waves but the finish was very balanced. I look forward to trying the robusto and corona sizes.

My apologies for posting about such a hard to find cigar but I loved it  and had to share with you all. Should you decide to give the Torcido a try, contact one of these three shops:

Just For Him, Springfield, MO

Burns Tobacconist Downtown, Chattanooga, TN

The Humidor Cigars and Lounge West, Wichita, KS

Illusione Epernay Hybrid

Posted in Video Reviews on July 25, 2012 by MIKE

Today I am doing a Hybrid review of the Illusione Epernay thanks to @lady of the stick aka Christine Morgan from

She wrapped this cigar with a Habano and Candela wrappers. So let’s see my thoughts on this amazing cigar and what if any difference these wrappers make.

mobile device user’s click here:

Hoyo de Monterrey “Dark Knight”

Posted in Cigar Reviews on July 23, 2012 by Griff

Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf

Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf

Filler: Dominican

Size: 5×52

Pre Light

Well when going through my humidor this past week and searching out cigars to smoke for my review it only seemed right that with the new Batman movie being released this weekend to smoke the Dark Knight by Hoyo de Monterrey.  This cigar comes in a sleek metallic finished tubo and is surrounded by a cedar wrap.  The wrapper has a slightly oiled sheen to it and a dark brown shade to it.  The wrapper has a slight flaw on it right above the wrapper where it looks like when it was still wet it was rubbed against.  The cold wrapper has a sweet smell to it along with a strong coffee aroma.  After snipping the cap off I get the same sweetness and coffee flavors on the draw.

1st Third

In the first quarter inch the pepper is very much present but dies off and makes way for that sweet and coffee flavors I was getting on the cold draw.  Both ends of the cigar put off a ton of creamy white smoke which has great room aroma to it.

2nd Third

The burn so far through the first two thirds of the cigar has been wavy but has stayed even.  The flavor profile has stayed with the sweet coffee but another flavor has been introduced and that flavor is cocoa.  The ash is a dark gray color and holds on for well over an inch and needs to knocked off.

Final Third

The flavor profile stayed the same right down to the end except for the pepper kicking backing towards the last half inch I smoked.


The flavors in this cigar were rich but I wouldn’t say complex. Don’t get me wrong it was still enjoyable and I would definitely smoke some more.  The construction was good and didn’t need any touch ups or relights.

Keep em burnin’


Frank Llaneza 1961 Double Magnum

Posted in Cigar Reviews on July 20, 2012 by theladyofthestick

This cigar has been amongst my favorites for quite some time but when I mention the Frank Llaneza 1961 I’m typically met with head scratching and confused looks. Which, in my humble opinion, is very unfortunate.


The Frank Llaneza Double Magnum (6 1/2 x 54) has filler tobacco from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, binder from Nicaragua and a dark Ecuadorian Criollo wrapper. Now this beautiful wrapper has a veins, a nice oily sheen and aroma of sweet cocoa, hay and tobacco. The cold draw has the same notes of cocoa, hay and tobacco.


After lighting up, I’m immediately met with rich cocoa, wood and spice. The cocoa and wood remain as I continue to smoke but picks up an underlying sweetness. Spice is also noticeable mid-draw with a leathery finish. The retrohale is very potent with spice. After about an inch into the cigar, I begin to pick up notes of coffee on the finish and with this the flavors start to balance through the finish of the first third.


Into the middle third, I notice cinnamon and the cocoa, wood and spice are still present. The finish is a very smooth mix of leather, coffee and cream with plenty of white pepper in the retrohale. Halfway salted peanuts become evident as the wood, cocoa and leather also pick up in richness. The spice is quite subtle at this point but remains in the retrohale. Again, the coffee comes back into play but starts to intensify.


Coffee is the main player of notes in the final third. The cocoa, leather, wood and spice maintain a perfect balance in the finish of each draw. And of course the retrohale still maintains the heat of the white pepper.

The Frank Llaneza 1961 Double Magnum is a wonderful cigar for those enjoying a medium to full range. It is very hearty and rich. The construction was perfection and I did not have any burn or draw issues, nor did I need to relight it. If you are a fuller bodied fan, I wouldn’t certainly recommend giving this a shot.

And yes, I just had to make the nail polish match on purpose this time! ;)



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