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San Cristobal Minuto

Posted in Cigar Reviews on August 3, 2012 by theladyofthestick

This week I decided to go for a shorter stick, the San Cristobal Minuto from Ashton. Now this cigar is available at one shop that I know of, The Humidour in Cockeysville, MD which has become one of my favorite shops to visit since moving back East. It was made specially for Finnie, one of the proprietors of the shop and a knowledgeable SOTL. This particular size, a 4.5 by 40 shorty, was rolled because of her love for shorter sticks. It has the same Nicaraguan tobaccos as the vitolas available throughout the entire market. I was fortunate enough to receive several of these to sample from one of the lounge members. Thank you Teddy!:)

The wrapper on the San Cristobal Minuto is a medium brown with a bit of tooth and has a bit of plume. There is a nice aroma of wood, leather and rich cocoa. The cold draw has notes of cocoa and leather.

As soon as I light the cigar, my palate is hit with spice, a white pepper, followed by wood and leather. As the first third continues, the spice is noticeable on the front and back of the palate with leather and mocha in the middle of each draw. Towards the end of this third, the spice is noticeable through the entire draw but it is balanced with notes of leather, cocoa and coffee. The retrohale has notes of white pepper as well.

In the second third, I start to notice a floral note, rose as well as wood, mingling with the spice, which still remains through each puff. The leather, cocoa and coffee are still present but very subtle mid palate. At this point the spice also begins to linger in the aftertaste. The burn is a perfect line around the cigar and the draw produces plenty of spicy smoke. The ash is still hanging on at this point.

In the final section of the San Cristobal Minuto, there is more cocoa and leather noticeable in the aftertaste but the spice begins to make the roof of my mouth tingle. The rose and wood are also still apparent mid draw. The retrohale still has a lot of white pepper. Everything starts to balance out for the finish of the smoke. Or so I thought, as I was about to put down the cigar, the spice kicked up once again, finishing strong but pleasant.

The San Cristobal Minuto was a fantastic and spicy 40 minute smoke, perfect for a mid afternoon break. The spice was the main note throughout with leather, wood, rose and mocha adding a nice bit of complexity. If you are a fan of shorter, stronger cigars this is definitely one I recommend.



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