Padilla Series 68

Today for your viewing pleasure I have the Padilla Series 68. Now first off I will say I searched high and low for info and this is all I found, but my reason for saying this is the size I smoked wasn’t exactly to the specs from manufacture. The cigar measure 7×40 to me but they say it’s 7.5×38 so who am I to disagree lol. The Padilla Series 68 has a price tag of $8.00 a stick and has a Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper and a Havana seed filler from Jalapa and Condega. It’s stated as a medium to full body cigar. So let’s take this journey and see what I think.

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4 Responses to “Padilla Series 68”

  1. Hey Mike, I’ve had a few 68′s , but not the lancero, but judging by your sausage fingers, it can’t be a 38, lol. I have had a couple of 1932 lanceros, and they run 6.8 x 42, so maybe it would be closer to that. Whatever, it’s an enjoyable, though not terrific, smoke. I do have a large Salomon sent to me by LLOTS (thanks Christine!), so I’m looking forward to taking that one down sometime soon. Great to see you back so soon after your enlargement surgery – well, that’s what @knightrid said – and hope the good meds are holding up for you. :) I look forward to seeing you back on Stogie 411 this weekend! Cheers, Brother!

    • Jjo I agree it was no 38 as I stated. I wish manufactures would really update their sites. I looked high and low to see if they made a special size but no luck. Surgery went well and thanks for everything buddy.

  2. Hey Buddy… where the heck have I been as of late? Great to see your ugly mug up on screen, I can’t believe its Friday and I’m just getting around to the Wednesday posts!!! I have 3 shows of 411 to catch up on yet. Glad to hear that the surgery went well. by the way I really dig the 68 series I have had enough of them that I can say i actually enjoy them in the 6×60 format which isn’t something I’m used to. Take care buddy.

    • Corey hows it going buddy. All is good in the world of Mikesstogies. You better get your but caught up on these great reviews ( well in my opinion at least lol). Hope u r good and see u this Saturday on Stogie411.

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