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PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Madura

Posted in Cigar Reviews on September 14, 2012 by theladyofthestick


This weeks cigar, the PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Madura has be calling my name from the humidor for the last two months. It has a beautiful, smooth, chocolate brown Brazilian wrapper with very few, very small veins. The binder is a Dominican criollo ’98 and the filler is Nicaraguan and Dominican criollo. It has a beautiful pigtail finish as well. The aromas coming from the cigar are cocoa, hay and earth.

Before I light up, I pick up cocoa, grass and the slightest hint of salt in the cold draw. Once lit, the initial tasting notes are wood, grass, cocoa and hint of peppercorn. The smoke is fairly peppery right off the bat. As i continue to smoke, I notice the spice picks up quickly in foreground then fades into wood and cocoa notes. The aftertaste is earthy and rich. After an inch, the cocoa and wood balance with the pepper and it leaves a pleasant woody and earthy aftertaste with hints of peppercorn and sea salt. The retrohale is spicy and earthy to finish the first third.


Moving into the middle third, the spice continues to linger on palate. The slight saltiness, cocoa, wood and earth remain on the front of the palate. This cigar produces plenty of smoke that is spicy, earthy and rich. At the end of this third, the saltiness fades leaving cocoa and wood washing over palate and spice takes on a more subtle role.


Going right into the last third, the cocoa is the dominate note most and spice intensifies in the retrohale. The aftertaste is cocoa, wood and spice. The peppercorn spice still lingers throughout the mouth but is subtle. The earth returns adding to the richness of the cocoa. It is a very flavorful conclusion. The burn is practically perfect until the last inch or so but it adjusts without needing touch ups.


Every PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Madura that I have smoked has been consistent both in flavor and quality of construction. The notes of cocoa, spice and earth with the underlying sea salt is a unique, yet pleasant combination that I enjoy from start to finish. Unfortunately, this was the last in my humidor. Looks like its time to get more!



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