Lou Rodriguez Connecticut Lancero

First of all, I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving and you for some good cigars in!:) Now I hope you all are working off the day of gluttony with some Black Friday shopping!

My review today was a gift from Seth over at Sethshumidor.com. He knew I’d sampled several Lou Rodriguez cigars in the past and gifted me with the Connecticut lancero since he knew I had not yet smoked that particular cigar. Lanceros also happen to be my favorite size. So thank you Seth for the opportunity to smoke something new!


The Lou Rodriguez Connecticut lancero is 7 by 42. It has an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and filler of a Nicaraguan proprietary blend. The wrapper is a beautiful light brown. It is smooth and velvety with a pigtail finish. It smells of oak, nuts and hay. I pick up more oak, hay and a creamy sweetness in the cold draw. Once lit, there is wood, hay, cinnamon and cream noticeable in the first puffs.


The first third starts off very smooth with oak, hints of toasted nuts and a smooth creamy finish. There is a hint of cinnamon in the retrohale. After an inch in I start to pick up anise on the finish and there is a hint of cinnamon in the middle of the draw. Towards the end of the first third, the flavor pics up a little more heat as the cinnamon in more evident in each puff. I still notice hints of oak and hay and the finish remains with anise and cream.


Cinnamon comes to the front of the palate in the beginning of the middle third. Followed by oak, leather, anise and cream. The retrohale maintains the cinnamon aroma. The smoke is cool and dry, which is very pleasant. Midway through all the notes touch my palate at the same time. The flavors are balanced and it has a nice medium strength.


A cedary spice joins the final third on the front of the draw. Oak and cinnamon are present mid draw and anise, cream and oak finish each puff. There weren’t any other changes as the cigar finished. It was very smooth and consistent.

I have to admit I lit up this cigar with no expectations one way or another but it really was such an enjoyable smoke with it’s smooth transition of flavors and creamy finish. It was a great mild to medium in strength and complexity. It would make a fantastic morning or dessert smoke. Next time, I’ll have to pair it with some coffee. Again, thank you Seth for gifting me this great cigar.

2 Responses to “Lou Rodriguez Connecticut Lancero”

  1. Great Review Lady. I like the Lancero size as well, Connies have really peaked my interest as of late there seem to be some really good ones coming out. Hope you had a great turkeyday. Great job

  2. Abraxas828282 Says:

    Now that sounds yummy!

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