1502 Emerald

Pre Light

I couldn’t find an exact break down of the blend for the 1502 Emerald so I’m just going to quote exactly what their website states.

In its creation, “Fina Fuerte” (Fine Strong) was the main quality that most inspired us. Our master blender had created this cigar from a combination of carefully selected and aged tobacco leaves. It has a subtle strength, with flavor and aroma that could only be achieved with the blend of Corojo Habano de Nicaragua, long fillers from San Andres – Mexico and fields from Estelí and Condega in Nicaragua.”

The wrapper is a light milk chocolate color and has a sweet and earthy aroma to it.  There isn’t much oil on it and it is just a little rustic looking.  The cigar feels well packed from and to foot and the box press makes it fit well in the hand.  The draw after clipping the cap is free and easy and has a sweet flavor to it.

1st Third

After lighting up the Emerald I get a slight pepper kick along with a sweet and earthy flavor just like I was picking up off the cold draw. The draw has been even and cool with tons of smoke coming off of every draw.

2nd Third

The second third starts off with notes of wood to go along with the sweetness.  The cigar has started to burn a little faster on one side than the other but hasn’t become a cause for concern.  Still has a lot of smoke coming off the foot with every puff.

Final Third

The spice comes back in the final third and has a sort of minty floral flavor to it if that makes any sense.  The sweetness is still there and also is met again with that earthy tobacco flavor.  The burn evened itself out and stayed cool all the way to the nub.


I enjoyed this smoke and for the price you can’t beat it.  Tons of flavors and good construction to go along with price as well.  Go out there and find them if you can.

Keep em burnin’


3 Responses to “1502 Emerald”

  1. Thank you Griff. I love your review, and I am glad you enjoy our 1502 Emerald.

  2. Nice Review Griff I have seen these pop up on other sites as well lately, they seem to be a big hit and right on track with what I like in a stick I’ll have to give these a try. Love the Graph LOL

  3. Abraxas828282 Says:

    I def have to try me some of these 1502′s.

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