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Gurkha Ghost Shadow

Posted in Cigar Reviews on December 5, 2012 by youngbuckbotl

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro

Binder: Dominican Republic

Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican Republic

Size: Robusto 5×52

 photo 1-4

First half – With the first half I got a very slight hint of spice within about the first inch, which then mellowed down and just ever so slightly sat in the background. Then the earthy tones came out to play. They stayed around for a while and then met up with a little citrus and cinnamon. Does anyone else feel like they are reading a children’s book?

photo 2-4

Second half – Now with the second half absolutely nothing changed. The cinnamon, citrus, earthy tones, and the spice stayed just the same. The only difference was that I realized it left a horrible taste on my lips.

photo 3-3

With that being said I will say the construction on this cigar was pretty good the only thing that I would complain about other than the bad taste would be the ash. This ash was flakier than the dandruff on an 80 year old man. I was constantly knocking the ash off this stick because if I didn’t it would have fallen onto my shirt. So with that being said this cigar didn’t impress me one bit from the tasteless tobacco to the dandruff ash I wasn’t impressed and for $8 I probably will never buy this stick again.


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