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  1. Hey Mike, your brother Chris (who I adopted a few years ago) I call him Hijo that’s son in Spanish gave me your web site. I’m an avid stogie smoker and my preference is La Gloria Cubana a great smoking cigar. You did a good job explaining the taste and make up of the cigar on the video so I will have to try one of those cigars. My name is Bobby Melendez and your brother and me share the badge together. Nice to meet you, will talk again. Papi

    • Well thanks Papi I appreciate you checking out my site and FYI La Gloria Series R#6 is my favorite smoke. Glad to have a brother of the badge and a cigar smoker looking in, keep up the good work you do and be safe.

  2. Mike
    Just caught your video via Tom’s podcast.

    Are you thinking of going podcast route?

    Gran Habano review also very good


  3. Hey Mike, I heard you are looking for reviewers to help out, consider me!

    • Gus shoot me a email hogman@mikesstogies and tell me about yourself and how long you have been smoking and we can sit down one day and chat. I will be more then happy to speak with you snd tell you what I’m looking for. Thanks

  4. Hey Mike,
    Love the site. I keep checking it to see all of your new reviews. One thing, I don’t know about anyone else but at my place of employment your site is blocked due to secruity warning that prohibits viewing of sites that contain tobacco reference. not sure how you get around that as I know Toms site is also blocked but is not. Something to consider.

    Also, saw you smoking Tatuaje the Face. Wondering if you have any left and also if you would consider trading. Let me know. And keep up the great job. Thanks

    -Big Mike

    • Mike not sure some work sites have extra security and it’s costly to get by that. As far as the face goes dm me on twitter your address I’ll send you one for free my friend. Thanks for the support.

  5. Hello Mike,

    I came across your site and and what a cool site it is! I would like to know if we could have the opportunity to have our line of Monte Pascoal cigars reviewed by you. If so please let us know you’re requirements etc. Thank you.

    Wes Gensel

  6. Hey Mike,

    I just wanted to drop a line and say that I enjoy your site and was wondering if you’d be interested in trading links with me. My site is:

    Thanks and happy smoking!

    - Craig

  7. Sigar2Savor Says:


    Have you selected for the Tatuaje verocru #5 giveaway?

    • Sigar@Savor yes Rob picked a winner if you look at thr Rodrigo G6 review you will see who won. thanks for asking.

  8. Hey Mike love your reviews man. The question I have is what kind of lighter is that you use in your reviews.

    • Shannon glad u like them and I appreciate that. The light I use is from a creme brule set from target. 19.99 u can’t beat it.

  9. Also Mike I stumbled upon a box of Viaje Zombies about a month ago wondering if you would like to review one.

  10. Keith sure thing please send me an email with your email address and I’ll send u pricing. Thanks

  11. I thought we should swap links since we have great cigar sites. Let me know.


  12. Good Morning Mike,
    I was hoping to find an email address, so feel free to delete this comment. I am a cigar smoker, favorite cigar is La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero 700 maduro.
    However I am writing to you today because I see your blog is on Word Press .com as mine is. I would like to have some advertisers on my blog, however I have been told over and over again by that I have to migrate my blog to to do this. and have it self hosted.
    I really like and would like to know how you have managed to have sponsors/advertisers on your blog, as I will certainly do the same, if you would share your information with me.
    Thank you,

  13. Mike sorry about this my blog address did not come up, just that blasted gravatar,, my blog address is, Heritage Basket Studio & Chair Caning.

  14. bigmike Says:

    Hey man, was just catching up on the videos today, saw the cutter video and apparently I was a winner. Yah feel like an ass and my bad for not contacting you. I know you passed it on to someone else, just wanted to say thanks for the contest and next time I will be more diligent. Trust me, feel like an idiot right now. Anyways, keep up the great work.

    • Bigmike I had to pick another winner brother u never got back in touch but tell u what the winner of the Gurkha never contacted me so he is out to so its yours. Send me addy. Don’t let it happen again lol.

  15. bigmike Says:

    Email sent with addy. At least I wasn’t the only ass,lol. Thanks man, appreciate it.

  16. Hello Mike,

    Thanks for your review of ARSEN Gordito. I have watched it this morning on youtube. Arsen cigars are available in many stores of FL, PA, CA, IN, KY, AZ, MA, etc. They also have pretty good distribution in some European markets. The suggested retail price in the US is between $ 6.40 and $ 6.80.

    Thank you again.
    With my best wishes,

  17. Alexander Castellon Says:

    Hey Mike, I really enjoyed your updated video on your walking humidor. I was just wondering how big is the vent for your fresh air coming in. Does it have to be a specific size or the fact that your getting fresh air in enough???
    Thanks in advance.

    Alex C.

    • Alex I have no fresh air coming into the humidor but in the man cave I have a 4 inch vent coming in from outside with a damper I can regulate. You need to take in as much air as u move out. My fan is 90 Cfm so I need to bring back in 90 Cfm of fresh air. Typically a four inch vent will go the job. It’s confusing but I hope it helps.

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