Cigar Review Index

8 Responses to “Cigar Review Index”

  1. Stumbled on this website doing some research, very well done. I’ll be back. The “Cigar reviews” list would be more useful to me if it was alphabetized though.

    Nice work


    • Paul I e thought about doing that but I kept it this way so folks can go from our first review to our most recent. Glad u like it and thanks for the kind words.

  2. Mike, I have to say I agree with Paul about alphabetizing the index. I’m getting a headache trying to find stuff here, lol! I understand your reasoning, though.

    • Jjo and Paul I have looked into doing that and in the beginning would have been easy but now with so many reviews would be time consuming. I will revisit this and ask around if there is an easier way. Thanks for your support.

    • Yup, I absolutely understand your point. It’s one hell of a ist of links to try and rearrange.

    • Well I checked and I can’t do it since I’m on WordPress. Sorry guys but hope its not enough to have u stop supporting us.

    • Haha, get real! It’s not a big deal. I love the site and am always here looking for both new and older but relevant content. I’ll just stock up on aspirin. :) Thanks for checking into it. I know if there were a way to make things easier for us readers/viewers, you’d do it, so just keep doing what you’re doing; I’m not going anywhere. ;)

    • To everyone, if you want to look for a certain cigar to see if we reviewed it just type in the name in the search field and it will take you to that review. Thanks

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